Old Dads Movie Review 2023


Old Dads Movie Review 2023

"Old Dads Movie Review 2023" boasts an impressive cast, yet it struggles to be a cohesive movie. Despite being the directorial debut of Bill Burr, renowned for his stand-up comedy, talk show appearances, and podcasts, the film falls short of being a memorable cinematic experience. Burr, known for delivering thoughtful performances in his acting roles, especially showcased in "The Mandalorian," fails to translate his comedic prowess seamlessly into a film format.

The movie revolves around three middle-aged Los Angeles men who unexpectedly become fathers after years of dismissing the possibility. Unfortunately, "Old Dads" falls prey to the pitfalls often associated with stand-up comics directing projects they have written. It risks feeling like an extended stand-up routine awkwardly adapted with characters and a hint of plot, lacking a distinct style and perspective to elevate it beyond a mere brand extension.

Similar to Burr's animated Netflix series "F is for Family" and his earlier stand-up work, "Old Dads" leans heavily into satirizing "political correctness." This theme, often navigated with caution in stand-up, unfolds as a watered-down and somewhat self-aware equivalent of content aimed at political reactionaries. The film resorts to characters blurting out inappropriate remarks, only to have others cover for them while subtly suggesting that the world is stifling the politically incorrect character's freedom.

The plot follows Jack Kelly (played by Burr) and his two friends (Bokeem Woodbine, Bobby Cannavale) as they navigate a midlife crisis after selling their vintage sports jersey replica business. The film attempts to tackle various contemporary issues, including age discrimination and clashes with progressive parenting approaches at their children's school.

Cannavale stands out with his portrayal of a henpecked husband, injecting humor into the film. However, Woodbine's character's midlife crisis lacks depth, contributing to the film's overall lack of coherence. The narrative occasionally touches on moments that could have delved into gritty realism but falls short of fully committing to them.

Despite its potential, "Old Dads" fails to rise above the limitations of its fragmented narrative and inconsistent execution. The film, now available on Netflix, leaves viewers with a sense that it could have been much more than it ultimately delivers.

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