Kuttey Movie Review in English


Kuttey Movie Review in English

The film kicks off with a bang, establishing a dark and sharp screenplay populated by intriguingly self-centered characters. Among them are corrupt police officers, drug dealers, and even Naxalites, each driven by ulterior motives, adhering to a simple rule — shoot first, ask questions later. The narrative is rich with a diverse array of characters and their stories, set against the backdrop of a mildly unpredictable dog-eat-dog world.

True to its title, 'Kuttey' (Dogs) justifies its name. Aasman and Vishal Bharadwaj, sometimes making a strenuous effort, present a relentlessly twisted thriller. The film employs every trick in the book to both bewilder and engage the audience with its convoluted and chaotic narrative. While thrilling and entertaining, the writing struggles with the challenge of managing numerous stories and subplots concurrently, leading to some getting overshadowed.

The ensemble cast of 'Kuttey' offers standout performances, with Tabu leading the pack. Her portrayal of Pammi, with numerous eccentricities, makes the character immensely likable. Amidst treacherous and bloodthirsty male counterparts, she stands out as the only formidable boss lady, delivering expletive-laden dialogues and providing much-needed comic relief. Naseeruddin Shah, Konkana Sen Sharma, Radhika Madan, Shardul Bharadwaj, and Kumud Mishra make the most of their limited screen time. Arjun Kapoor, portraying the unabashedly amoral Gopal, delivers an honest performance, although a bit more variation in expressions could enhance his portrayal.

Elevating the constantly dark and gritty narrative of 'Kuttey' is the iconic composition 'Dhan te nan' by Vishal Bharadwaj, resonating in the background. The film's original score, infused with Gulzar's unique lyrics, seamlessly blends with the screenplay, enhancing the overall pace of the film."

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