Queen Margrethe ii surprise announces on live TV


Queen Margrethe ii

In an unexpected turn of events, Queen Margrethe ii surprise announces on live TV. The decision, revealed in her traditional New Year’s Eve speech, marks the conclusion of her reign spanning over five decades, as she passes the throne to her son, Crown Prince Frederik, in early 2024.

The 83-year-old queen attributed her choice to thoughts about the future, sparked by a back surgery in February 2023. Reflecting on her 52 years as the Queen of Denmark, she acknowledged the toll that time had taken, stating, "The time takes its toll, and the number of ‘ailments’ increases. One cannot undertake as much as one managed in the past."

Detailing her decision-making process, Queen Margrethe II shared, "In February this year, I underwent extensive back surgery. Everything went well, thanks to the competent health personnel, who took care of me. Inevitably, the operation gave cause to thoughts about the future – whether now would be an appropriate time to pass on the responsibility to the next generation. I have decided that now is the right time."

The abdication is set for January 14, 2024, exactly 52 years after she succeeded her beloved father. Following the announcement, Crown Prince Frederik will ascend to the throne as His Majesty King Frederik X, with his wife, Australian-born Princess Mary, becoming the first Australian Queen Consort in Danish history.

Princess Mary's journey from a real estate sales executive in Hobart, Tasmania, to Danish royalty has been widely followed, and her ascension to the throne is expected to draw significant attention, especially from her former home. The change of throne will be officially proclaimed by the Prime Minister after a meeting in the Council of State at Christiansborg Castle.

Despite the abdication, Queen Margrethe II will retain the title of Her Majesty, maintaining a symbolic presence in the Danish monarchy. Denmark's constitutional structure limits the role of the royals, with parliamentary power prevailing. The monarchs, including Queen Margrethe, have traditionally served as important ambassadors and played a ceremonial role in legislative matters, with the queen enjoying widespread support from the Danish populace throughout her reign.

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