John Pilger Cause of Death


John Pilger Cause of Death

The passing of John Pilger marks the loss of a formidable critic of privilege, power, and empire. Pilger's career as an investigative journalist was distinguished by his unwavering commitment to uncovering truths and challenging established narratives. His work delved into issues of social justice, exposing the often-hidden dynamics of power. Pilger's legacy will endure as a beacon for those who seek to question authority and speak truth to power.

I deeply mourn the loss of John Pilger, a dear friend and comrade. Our recent conversation, even during his hospital stay, gave me hope that his indomitable spirit would prevail. Regrettably, he succumbed to his final battle. As a renowned investigative journalist, Pilger fearlessly unraveled truths, championing social justice and challenging established narratives. A dedicated socialist and radical, he stood as a loyal and warm friend and comrade. My initial connection with him was through our mutual friend Paul Foot, a journalist John esteemed as a peer. During Paul's illness, John tirelessly advocated for his NHS treatment, reflecting their shared commitment to this cause. Pilger's legacy remains a testament to his unwavering pursuit of truth and justice.

John Pilger was always full of unexpected calls, rallying for various projects. A brisk call during a walk in the Welsh Marches revealed his involvement in PJ Harvey's guest editing of BBCR4 Today. He sought a 5-minute segment on the City, unconventional yet impactful.

Another spontaneous call involved Roger Waters wanting to play Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" for Julian Assange in London. With no one to organize, he turned to me. Then, in discussions about his last film, "The Coming War with China," his dedication to the Stop the War Coalition and the Palestinian cause shone through.

In our final hospital call, he inquired about my role in organizing Gaza demos, attributing them to my signature touch—a gesture, as usual, too generous.

John Pilger stood as a towering anti-war voice, spanning from the legendary Vietnam war journalism to Iraq. A remarkable tabloid journalist in the truest sense, he aimed to convey complex issues clearly to working people.

His disdain for the rich and powerful, their hypocrisy, and contempt for cowards and traitors on the left were palpable. With heroes and opponents aligned perfectly, his loss shortens the entire radical left by a head, leaving me without a kind and generous comrade.

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