Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F


Beverly Hills Cop Axel F

Get ready for a nostalgic trip with the ’80s synth tones of the “Beverly Hills Cop” theme song as Netflix unveils the trailer for “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” the fourth installment in the beloved franchise featuring Eddie Murphy. Scheduled for a summer 2024 release on the streaming platform, the film is directed by Mark Molloy and marks Murphy's return as the iconic Detroit cop solving crimes in Beverly Hills, Axel Foley. Joining him are Judge Reinhold and John Ashton reprising their roles as local cops Lt. Billy Rosewood and Sgt. John Taggart.

The star-studded cast includes newcomers Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kevin Bacon in the “Beverly Hills Cop” universe. Taylour Paige joins as Foley’s estranged daughter, while Paul Reiser, Bronson Pinchot, and Mark Pelligrino also play pivotal roles.

In an interview with People, Eddie Murphy discussed the physical challenges of returning to the franchise after three decades. He shared, “It’s a really physical movie and I had to do some physical stuff. I like to be on the couch, I don’t like to be jumping over and shooting and running. And I had to do some jumping and shooting and running. And as a result … at the end of the movie, I had a knee brace and my back is messed up. But the movie is gonna be special.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt expressed his excitement earlier in the year, saying, “Going to work on ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ isn’t like work. You think my life is a dream. I’m riding in a helicopter next to Eddie Murphy, and we’re making each other laugh.”

Jerry Bruckheimer, the veteran producer behind the original “Beverly Hills Cop,” returned for “Axel F.” Production faced several setbacks and script rewrites before finally getting underway. Alongside Murphy, Chad Oma, Melissa Reid, and John K. Campbell contribute as producers, with Ray Angelic and Charisse M. Hewitt serving as executive producers. The script was crafted by Will Beall, Tom Gormican, and Kevin Etten, building on characters created by Danilo Bach and Daniel Petrie, Jr.

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