How much did Sonia make for The Equalizer 3


How much did Sonia make for The Equalizer 3

In September 2023, audiences were treated to the adrenaline-pumping action of "The Equalizer 3," reuniting Denzel Washington with his iconic role as Robert McCall. Alongside Washington, rising star Sonia Ben Ammar dazzled audiences with her portrayal of Chiara Bonucci. But amidst the film's thrilling escapades, one question remains: How much did Ben Ammar earn for her part in this blockbuster?

How much did Sonia make for The Equalizer 3

Hollywood's secrecy surrounding actor salaries makes pinpointing exact figures challenging. However, by examining industry norms, we can estimate Ben Ammar's potential compensation. For actors like her, salaries can range from five figures to hundreds of thousands, with major studio productions like "The Equalizer 3" likely commanding higher fees. Ben Ammar's burgeoning career suggests her earnings likely exceed $100,000.

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Comparable Roles: Clues from Similar Characters

Analyzing salaries of actors in comparable roles provides further insights. Haley Bennett and Florence Pugh, both rising stars, earned substantial sums for similar projects. This suggests Ben Ammar's earnings could fall within the $250,000 to $350,000 range, considering her rising profile and the film's budget.

Career Trajectory: A Broader Perspective

Beyond immediate earnings, Ben Ammar's role in "The Equalizer 3" holds significant value for her career trajectory. Starring alongside Washington opens doors to future opportunities and industry connections, shaping her long-term earning potential.

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The Verdict: Unveiling the True Value

Although the precise amount remains undisclosed, it's probable that Ben Ammar's earnings fall within the range of $100,000 to $350,000. Nevertheless, the genuine value surpasses mere monetary compensation. "The Equalizer 3" acts as a stepping stone for her career, paving the way for broader opportunities and financial gains down the road.


This analysis sheds light on the complex factors influencing Hollywood paychecks. While numbers matter, Ben Ammar's role's true value lies in the doors it opens for her promising career journey. So, next time you see her on screen, remember – her impact transcends the paycheck!
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