Washington vs Michigan Football History


Washington vs Michigan Football History

Michigan vs Washington are set to clash on Monday night in the College Football Playoff national championship game, vying for the coveted title that symbolizes the pinnacle of success in college football and secures a lasting place in its illustrious history.

Although they will officially join the same conference next season, the Wolverines and Huskies share a history, and Monday's encounter marks another significant chapter in their ongoing story.

Both Michigan and Washington hold prominent positions in their respective conferences, boasting national championships within the last 35 years. Given their dominance in the Big Ten and Pac-12, it's not surprising that a quarter of their 13 historical matchups, including four of the past nine, have unfolded on the grand stage of the Rose Bowl.

While the events of the past may not definitively foreshadow the outcome of Monday's showdown at NRG Stadium in Houston, they provide valuable insights into how these programs have historically stacked up against each other in their prior encounters.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Washington vs Michigan Football History

Michigan all-time record vs. Washington Games

The Wolverines boast an 8-5 record in the 13 matchups against the Huskies. Early in the series, Michigan asserted dominance by securing victories in the first four contests, each with a margin of at least two touchdowns. Notably, their inaugural encounter on Sept. 26, 1953, in Ann Arbor resulted in a commanding 50-0 triumph.

However, the dynamic shifted in the late 1970s, leading to a more evenly matched competition. Commencing with a 27-20 victory for Washington in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 2, 1978, Michigan holds a 4-5 record against the Huskies, with a 2-2 mark in Rose Bowl matchups.

As the Wolverines gear up for Monday's national title game, they bring a two-game winning streak in the series, securing a 31-10 victory in Ann Arbor on Sept. 11, 2021. In that season, Michigan achieved a 12-2 record, clinching the Big Ten title and a playoff spot, while Washington struggled with a 4-8 record, leading to the dismissal of coach Jimmy Lake.

Their encounters have seen eight games when both teams were ranked, with Washington holding a 5-3 advantage in such highly anticipated contests.

Michigan vs. Washington games

Several memorable encounters have marked the 13 all-time meetings between Michigan and Washington.

One standout moment was Washington's triumph in the Rose Bowl in January 1992, contributing to their claim to a share of the national championship for the 1991 season. The following year, Michigan turned the tables, securing victory over Washington in the Rose Bowl to cap off an undefeated, 9-0-3 season.

Here's a rundown of Michigan vs Washington Games

1. Sept. 26, 1953: Michigan 50, Washington 0

2. Sept. 25, 1954: Michigan 14, Washington 0

3. Sept. 27, 1969: Michigan 45, Washington 7

4. Sept. 26, 1970: Michigan 17, Washington 3

5. Jan. 1, 1978: Washington 27, Michigan 20

6. Jan. 1, 1981: Michigan 23, Washington 6

7. Sept. 17, 1983: Washington 25, Michigan 24

8. Sept. 15, 1984: Washington 20, Michigan 11

9. Jan. 1, 1992: Washington 34, Michigan 14

10. Jan. 1, 1993: Michigan 38, Washington 31

11. Sept. 8, 2001: Washington 23, Michigan 18

12. Aug. 31, 2002: Michigan 31, Washington 29

13. Sept. 11, 2021: Michigan 31, Washington 10

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