War in Israel and Gaza Today


War in Israel and Gaza today 

Given what's happening in Gaza, People have flooded back to the Shea Hospital in Gaza City. They're seeking sanctuary. This hospital was considered to be sitting above a network of Hamas tunnels and the nerve center of their leadership. The absence of Israeli soldiers would suggest it wasn't or isn't now, further south. The sounds of heavy fighting reverberate around the streets in the center of Carunni. It's the focus of the Israeli forces now. They told everyone to leave the heart of the city for the first time. 

The only souls to be seen, a woman and child on a cart carrying two badly injured people, a grinding reminder of the costs of this war. Israeli soldiers are engaging with Hamas fighters in towns across the Gaza Strip. Their latest video doesn't identify exactly where they are. The I Idea says Hamas is embedded in civilian areas which complicates the fight. But they say some Hamas have surrendered and they will take into custody any of them who give themselves up. But the fight will continue. 

This is all in stark contrast to the demands of the Arab leaders meeting in Doha who want to ceasefire and blame the USA and Israel for there not being one. The UN Secretary General agrees. "the situation is fast, deteriorating into a catastrophe with potentially irreversible implications for Palestinians as a whole and for peace and security in the region." His ready prime minister met his cabinet. He thanked America for its veto on a ceasefire resolution and for sending more weapons. "It will take more time. The war is in full swing. But this is the beginning of the end for Hamas. I say to the Hamas terrorists, it is over."

It's clear this war is not easy for the Israelis. This is the north near Gaza City. It's been pummelled to dust for weeks, but they're still bombing regardless of outside condemnation. "Well, it's clear now that there is a huge gulf between Israel and the United States on one hand, and much of the rest of the world on the other. If there is going to be a ceasefire or a negotiated settlement to this crisis, then that gulf will have to get considerably narrower as it stands right now. Israel's not for changing tech at all."

People are now living on the sides of roads in makeshift plastic tents. It's too dangerous to be inside buildings. It's clear that many here have had enough of the rising numbers of dead, the lack of aid and the continuous fighting. Some blame the leader of Hamas himself. What resolution just give up and surrender. This is the act of idiots. He caused the death of his own people. Sinha has killed his own people. Conditions really are intolerable. 100 waited for hours to get a single bag of flour. There is just not enough getting in. The aid agencies say their whole operations are grinding to a halt. The aid network is disintegrating. If it does, these people will have absolutely nothing. My Review 24. Israel. 

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