Tony Bellew Net Worth


Tony Bellew Net Worth

Tony Bellew, aged 40, a former professional boxer, is set to join this year's I'm A Celebrity, sharing the stage with notable figures like Jamie Lynn Spears and Nigel Farage. The Liverpool-born athlete, who held the WBC cruiserweight title from 2016 to 2017, dedicated 11 years to the boxing world, retiring in 2018 after amassing substantial wealth from his career.

Since his retirement, Tony has transitioned into a role as a boxing analyst and commentator, while also actively managing his properties and businesses. Given these pursuits, it begs the question: What is Tony Bellew's current net worth, and what compensation does he receive for participating in I'm A Celebrity?

Tony Bellew's estimated net worth stands at around £9.6 million, as per reports. In 2018, his bout with Oleksandr Usyk contributed significantly, reportedly earning him a remarkable £4 million. Among his other high-earning fights were those against David Haye, with the initial encounter bringing in £2.8 million and the rematch adding £2.5 million to his income.

In a 2019 interview, Tony expressed gratitude for retiring from boxing in a financially secure position, acknowledging the rarity of such a circumstance in the boxing world. He emphasized the challenges many fighters face after retirement, stating that less than 1% of fighters worldwide get to retire financially secure. Tony considers himself fortunate to have made every penny work for the benefit of his family.

As for Tony Bellew's compensation for participating in I'm A Celebrity, ITV keeps such details confidential. While specific figures for this year's participants are not disclosed, past reports have indicated a wide range of fees, typically varying from £30,000 to £600,000. Nigel Farage's reported fee for this year stands out at £1.5 million, but as of now, the exact amount Tony Bellew received for his time in the jungle remains undisclosed.

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