Michelle Monaghan jokes about kissing Tom Cruise during the "honeymoon" scenes in Mission: Impossible III.


Michelle Monaghan jokes about kissing Tom Cruise during the "honeymoon" scenes in Mission: Impossible III.

The actress had to shoot a close scene with Cruise for the action film soon after her 2005 wedding to husband Peter White.

Michelle Monaghan tied the knot with husband Peter White, yet her honeymoon took an unexpected turn into the arms of Tom Cruise. The 47-year-old Made of Honor star shared a humorous tale of filming an intimate scene with the 61-year-old Cruise for Mission: Impossible III immediately after her 2005 wedding to White.

The topic arose during a Collider interview when Monaghan was asked which of her acting roles made her most nervous to film. "Mission: Impossible III, for sure. For sure," she shared. "It was J.J. Abrams. It was just such a significant film."

Adapting to the production schedule, Monaghan had to abandon her honeymoon plans and head to the set right after her wedding. "I remember going to work, and Tom and I had kind of an intimate scene, and of course, that was the first scene," she reminisced.

Despite her nerves about filming the intimate scene with Cruise, Michelle Monaghan shared that her husband was supportive and unperturbed by it all. She recounted, "[He] was like, 'Don't worry, you're gonna follow his lead. You're gonna have a great time. It's going to be wonderful.'"

Upon returning to her hotel room later that day, White eagerly awaited her recounting of the experience. She excitedly exclaimed, "Oh my God, it was amazing. He was so nice. It was great."

Michelle Monaghan jokes about kissing Tom Cruise during the "honeymoon" scenes in Mission: Impossible III.

"He goes, 'How cool is it that you were making out with Tom Cruise on our honeymoon?' Because we're just such fans," Monaghan continued with a laugh. At this juncture in her narrative, her The Family Plan co-star Mark Wahlberg jokingly interrupted, exclaiming, "What the heck?"

Monaghan went on to explain that she found her husband's laid-back response "sweet" and viewed it as a "testament to the man that I married, who has just been totally supportive and is excited and jazzed for the opportunities."

When Wahlberg, 52, inquired if White was envious, she responded, "No, he was just so proud," reflecting on how the couple, who later welcomed two children together—daughter Willow, 15, and son Tommy, 10—shared in the joy of her securing the significant movie role.

"I worked hard to get that role, and it was just one of those things. We just got married and really discovered our careers in New York together, and so that was really special," she elaborated.

In 2021, Monaghan commemorated the 15th anniversary of Mission: Impossible III by posting a collection of still photos from the action film on Instagram. Among them was a snapshot of her and Cruise preparing to share a kiss.

"I mean, WOW. 15 years since the release of #MissionImpossible III! 😍🔥," she exclaimed in her caption. "This franchise brings back so many amazing memories, and I’m so grateful to have been along for the ride. Happy anniversary @tomcruise, forever the Ethan to my Julia."

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