The Boys in the Boat Review


The Boys in the Boat Review

In 2013, Daniel James Brown crafted a captivating non-fiction novel about a Depression-era crew team, setting the stage for an unexpected encounter with destiny. Fast forward to today, and George Clooney brings this inspiring tale to life on the big screen with "The Boys in the Boat" (Amazon MGM).

The Boys in the Boat: Plot Overview:

This exhilarating sports drama not only celebrates the triumphs of a crew team but also weaves in positive values and a heartwarming romance. Directed by George Clooney, the film introduces us to Joe Rantz (Callum Turner), a cash-strapped University of Washington student, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he joins the eight-man junior varsity scull.

Characters and Relationships in The Boys in the Boat:

Mark L. Smith's well-crafted script delves into the life of Joe as he navigates the demanding world of rowing under the watchful eyes of the stern coach Al Ulbrickson (Joel Edgerton) and the amiable assistant Tom Bolles (James Wolk). Alongside the challenges on the water, Joe rekindles a touching relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Joyce Simdars (Hadley Robinson), and forms an unlikely friendship with the master boatbuilder, George Pocock (Peter Guinness).

Themes Explored:

Smith expertly paces the movie's races with a blend of gentle comedy and subtle emotional complexities. Through Joe's journey and the hurdles faced by his team, the screenplay underscores the power of dedication and cooperation, illustrating how these qualities can yield spectacular results.

Romance and Values in The Boys in the Boat:

Within the context of Joe and Joyce's old-fashioned courtship, their first kiss is portrayed as a significant moment. The film tactfully handles their relationship, depicting a brief scene of them lying down together, fully clothed, with no suggestive content. This approach ensures the movie remains suitable for older adolescents, despite a smattering of off-color language.

Content Advisory:

"The Boys in the Boat" includes a few profanities, a milder oath, and instances of crude and crass language. The OSV News classification rates it A-III for adults, and the Motion Picture Association gives it a PG-13 rating, advising parents that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.


"The Boys in the Boat" navigates the waters of destiny with finesse, blending sportsmanship, romance, and timeless values. George Clooney's direction brings to life a story that will resonate with audiences, leaving them inspired and moved by the indomitable spirit of the human heart.

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