What has happened to Steve Halliwell


What has happened to Steve Halliwell

Actor Steve Halliwell, known for his long-running role as Zak Dingle in Emmerdale, has died at the age of 77. He first made his appearance on the ITV soap in October 1994 and remained in the show for 29 years. In a statement, his family said he had passed away peacefully, surrounded by loved ones.

"He was making us laugh to the end, the most amazing father and grandfather you could ever wish for," they said.

James Hooton, who has played Halliwell's on-screen son Sam Dingle since 1995, led the tributes to the late actor, calling him a "soap icon".

"Steve Halliwell was the first person I met when I walked through the door into the Emmerdale studios and we remained friends until the end," he wrote on social media. Fellow Emmerdale star Danny Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle, shared a photo of him with Halliwell on Instagram and wrote: "From day one he took me under his wing and helped guide me on and off set."

He added: "We'll miss you mate. On and off set. Rest well Steve and leave one in the pump for me."

In a statement, his family described him as "the most amazing father and grandfather you could ever wish for," highlighting his ability to bring joy through humor until the end. James Hooton, who played Halliwell's on-screen son Sam Dingle, paid homage to the late actor, referring to him as a "soap icon."

Sharing a photo on Instagram, Danny Miller, Emmerdale star and Aaron Dingle in the series, expressed gratitude for Halliwell's mentorship, extending beyond the on-set relationship. John Whiston, ITV drama executive, praised Halliwell's off-screen persona, dubbing him the "father of the show" and its "fun mischievous uncle."

Originally from Lancashire, Halliwell transitioned from working in mills to an acting career, featuring in '70s and '90s television series before joining Emmerdale. Recognizable by his flat cap, wellies, and wax jacket, he portrayed the head of the Dingle household, becoming the soap's second longest-serving cast member.

Zak's character underwent gripping storylines reflecting Halliwell's real-life struggles with alcohol and mental health. In a 2014 interview with the Mirror, he acknowledged the parallels between Zak's journey and his personal experiences, including financial hardships, eviction, legal troubles, and battles with depression and alcohol. Describing himself as a "functioning alcoholic," he admitted his excessive reliance on drink.

In 2018, Halliwell took a hiatus from Emmerdale to undergo a pacemaker procedure due to a severe heart condition. His family expressed gratitude to the staff at St James's Hospital in Leeds and Wheatfield Hospice for their support during his final days. Steve Halliwell's legacy lives on through his significant contributions to entertainment, leaving an enduring impact on fans and colleagues.

This article provides information about the passing of actor Steve Halliwell, best known for his role as Zak Dingle in Emmerdale. The content highlights his contributions to the show over 29 years, his impact on co-stars, and tributes from colleagues. The narrative delves into Halliwell's off-screen personality, struggles with real-life issues mirrored in his character's storylines, and his decision to take a break from the show in 2018 for health reasons.

The article aims to offer a comprehensive overview of Halliwell's career, personal challenges, and the reactions of those who worked with him. It is structured to present the information in a clear and coherent manner. The language used is straightforward, making it accessible to a wide audience. Overall, the article provides a tribute to Steve Halliwell, celebrating his achievements and the mark he left on the entertainment industry.

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