Standard Liège vs Anderlecht Results


Following a series of incidents during matches between Anderlecht and Standard Liège in recent years, the two clubs have jointly declared that upcoming fixtures will proceed without visiting supporters.

Anderlecht and Standard de Liège have mutually agreed that matches will be held without visiting supporters until the conclusion of the 2024-2025 season. This decision comes as a response to numerous incidents in recent months, prompting both clubs to take a united stance.

The Clasico, as these matches are commonly referred to, has experienced four interruptions in the last six years, leading to regular sanctions from the Belgian Federation (RBFA). On two occasions, the matches failed to resume, underscoring the severity of the disruptions.

Both clubs have emphasized their commitment to addressing the issue, stressing that violence has no place in and around a football stadium. The decision to exclude visiting supporters aims to mitigate the incidents that have marred what should be celebrated as significant moments in Belgian football.

During the recent round of 16 Cup clash between the two clubs, disruptions caused by damage, seat-throwing, and the use of pyrotechnic devices led to a prolonged interruption. This event, which should have been a highlight in Belgian football, has too often resulted in disillusionment for genuine sports enthusiasts.

The management of Anderlecht and Standard de Liège acknowledged the impact on well-intentioned supporters and expressed regret for the frequent disruptions during the Clasico. Despite implementing comprehensive security measures, the matches concluded with violent clashes and substantial material damage.

In light of the recent incidents, the Belgian Federation may consider sanctions against both clubs, with the possibility of matches being played behind closed doors as a potential consequence. The joint announcement sends a strong signal that violence is unacceptable in and around football stadiums, and both clubs are committed to ensuring a safer and more enjoyable environment for all fans.

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