'Doctor Who' Christmas Special 2023


'Doctor Who' Christmas Special 2023

The Doctor embodies many identities—changing race, gender, age, even hailing from Salford. Yet, one consistent trait is crucial for each incarnation to be convincing: an undeniable charisma that compels companions to leave their lives behind and journey through space and time. With Ncuti Gatwa, the star of Sex Education, flawlessly cast in the role, it not only makes perfect sense for young Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) to eagerly step into the Tardis, but it's hard for viewers not to feel the urge to join the adventure.

Gatwa was briefly introduced in the 60th-anniversary special, emerging as the Fifteenth Doctor after David Tennant's Doctor "bi-generated." In the Christmas special, "The Church on Ruby Road," Gatwa takes full charge, navigating carnivorous baby-snatching goblins with Sunday at his side.

Sunday's entry into the world is marked by a stranger leaving her on the steps of the church on Christmas Eve, setting the stage for a time-traveler to intervene. Nineteen years later, Ruby, loved by her adoptive family, embarks on a quest to find her birth parents with the help of Davina McCall. Unfortunately, mischievous goblins enter the picture, leading to a series of whimsical accidents.

Despite the CGI distractions, the goblins serve as a means to usher in a new era and find the Doctor a companion. Gatwa's Doctor makes a captivating entrance in a nightclub, exuding charm and dance moves that leave Sunday (and viewers) enchanted. The ensuing storyline unfolds through a series of MacGuffins, allowing the Doctor and Sunday to bond over shared experiences, childhood connections, and a mutual appetite for adventure.

The leads are impeccably styled, embodying a slight 70s vibe and a shared love for well-tailored leather jackets. While the Fifteenth Doctor's signature style is yet to be fully established, the wardrobe team embraces a more colorful and dynamic attire. The narrative occasionally leans on the sonic screwdriver, resembling a small shoe, but "The Church on Ruby Road" embodies the classic yuletide Doctor Who adventure: sweet, quick-witted, and exhilarating.

Russell T Davies, back as showrunner after the well-received 60th-anniversary specials, marks a delightful return. Davies' love for the character and understanding of audience expectations shine through, promising a joyous new era under his guidance. As Gatwa's Doctor confidently declares, "I'm the Doctor," it resonates like a shot of pure dopamine—an affirmation of the character's timeless appeal and the promise of an exciting journey ahead.

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