Animal Movie Review in English 2023


Animal Movie Review in English 2023

Animal Movie Review in English 2023

In the realm of cinematic storytelling, "Animal" unfolds as a perplexing narrative that struggles to find its purpose amidst a barrage of violence and misplaced masculinity. The film, led by Ranbir Kapoor as the brooding protagonist Ranvijay, follows a trajectory marked by a lack of coherence and a surplus of aggression.

The film kicks off with a prosthetically aged Ranbir Kapoor in 2056 narrating a seemingly irrelevant story about a monkey, leaving viewers puzzled. Flashbacks dominate the storyline, presenting sequences of gore for shock value rather than contributing to a coherent narrative. "Animal" depicts a world where the ultra-rich, epitomized by Balbir (Anil Kapoor), seem immune to legal consequences, creating a detached reality.

Character Dynamics and Misplaced Rage

Ranvijay's transformation into an "animal" stems from a desire for his father's love, overshadowing the film's attempt to justify his violent tendencies. Balbir's character, while well-acted by Anil Kapoor, lacks depth, becoming a pawn in a screenplay that struggles to define its protagonist's rage. The film's attempt to explore familial dynamics falls flat as characters drift without purpose.

Animal Movie Review in English 2023

Provocation for Provocation's Sake

"Animal" appears crafted to provoke, targeting critics and dissenters of the director's previous work, "Kabir Singh." However, the attempt to twist commentary on masculinity and violence lacks subtlety, resorting to shock tactics. The film awkwardly attempts to counter critiques by inverting scenarios, portraying Vijay as a Napoleonic hero while subjecting his wife to degrading scenes.

Misogyny and Unconvincing Realities

The film's treatment of women is problematic, with scenes intended to incite debate rather than contribute meaningfully to the storyline. Geetanjali's forgiveness of Vijay's transgressions feels forced, while instances of violence and sexism serve as bait for controversy. "Animal" fails to exist in a perceivable reality, neither convincingly fantastical nor grounded in our world.

Dull and Desperate

Despite moments of visual flair, including close-ups of Ranbir Kapoor and commendable editing, "Animal" descends into monotony over its excessive runtime of 201 minutes. The film's assault of violence and provocations numbs the audience, overshadowing any technical merits. The screenplay, episodic and arc-less, struggles to maintain engagement beyond the midway point.


"Animal" emerges as a film that sacrifices storytelling finesse for shock value, attempting to create a cultural commentary but falling short. Its portrayal of masculinity and justice perpetuates a troubling trend in Hindi cinema. While opinions on the film may vary, it beckons a larger discussion on the current state of Indian cinema and its celebration of brutality as a form of justice.

FAQs - Animal Movie:

Animal Movie Review in English 2023

What is "Animal" (2023) about?
"Animal" follows the story of Ranvijay, portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor, a character driven by a quest for his father's love, leading to a descent into uncontrollable rage and violence. The film attempts to explore themes of masculinity, familial dynamics, and societal expectations.

What is the rating of "Animal" movie?
As of now, the review does not mention a specific rating for the film. It emphasizes the film's shortcomings in storytelling, character development, and coherence.

What is the story of "Animal" movie explained?
The story revolves around Ranvijay's quest for his father's love, portrayed by Anil Kapoor, and his transformation into a violent force. The narrative unfolds in flashbacks, offering glimpses of a world where the ultra-rich evade legal consequences. The film's treatment of masculinity, violence, and familial relationships is portrayed through a lens of provocation and shock.

Story: A Cinematic Rollercoaster of Violence and Controversy

In the tumultuous world of "Animal," the narrative takes unexpected turns, attempting to navigate the complexities of familial relationships and the consequences of unchecked rage. Ranvijay, portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor, stands as a central figure, grappling with a tumultuous journey fueled by a desire for paternal love.

A Desperate Quest for Love

Ranvijay's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of his father's affection, a journey marred by misplaced rage and uncontrollable instincts. Balbir, played by Anil Kapoor, exists as a distant figure preoccupied with his empire, contributing to the internal turmoil faced by his son.

Animal Movie Review in English 2023

Provocation and Controversy

"Animal" invites controversy by provocatively addressing critiques of the director's previous work, "Kabir Singh." However, the film's attempts to subvert expectations and challenge societal norms often result in scenes that are more provocative than meaningful. The portrayal of masculinity becomes a focal point, with Vijay's actions intended to provide a counterpoint to critiques of his predecessor.

Misogyny and Unsettling Realities

The film's treatment of women, exemplified through Geetanjali's character, becomes a point of contention. Scenes designed to spark debates on feminism and familial roles often feel forced, lacking nuance. The film's attempt to create a heightened reality, neither convincingly fantastical nor relatable, contributes to an unsettling viewing experience.

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