Dream Girl 2 Movie in English Review


Dream Girl 2 Movie in English Review

Dream Girl 2 Movie in English Review

Dream Girl 2 attempts to recreate the comedic magic of its predecessor but falls short due to a mishmash of situations and characters. Director Raaj Shaandilyaa, returning four years after the original Dream Girl, presents a similar premise where Karamveer (Ayushmann Khurrana) resorts to pretending to be a woman, Pooja, to earn a significant amount of money quickly. The objective is to marry his girlfriend, Pari Shrivastav (Ananya Panday), but the narrative loses its way in a series of forced comedic situations.

The plot unfolds as Karamveer, working as a dancer at Sona Bhai’s (Vijay Raaz) bar, attracts attention from various characters. Shoukiya (Rajpal Yadav) pursues Pooja, believing she is a psychiatrist treating his brother. The film attempts to address the sensitive issue of mental health but falls short by labeling it as a 'rich person’s disease.' Abu Saleem (Paresh Rawal) believes marrying Pooja is the solution, offering a reward of Rs 50 lakhs. The narrative introduces additional characters, including Shahrukh and Shoukiya’s sister Jumani (Seema Pahwa), leading to a convoluted web of relationships.

While trying to navigate through the characters’ shenanigans, some tracks, like Karam switching between his real identity and Pooja, feel long-drawn. The comedy scenes often come across as forced, lacking the natural flow needed for effective humor. The dialogues, essential for eliciting laughs in a comedy film, are kitschy and don't consistently land. The music, composed by Meet Bros and Tanishk Bagchi, is forgettable, except for the redux of Dil Ka Telephone 2.0.

Dream Girl 2 Movie in English Review

Ayushmann Khurrana showcases his versatility by skillfully portraying both Karam and Pooja, excelling in the dance sequences. His situational comedy shines through, providing some of the film's best moments. Annu Kapoor stands out in the supporting cast, while other actors deliver commendable performances despite the film's shortcomings.

Dream Girl 2 relies heavily on familiar territory, occasionally venturing into unnecessary comedic tangents. Despite notable performances and moments, the film struggles to capture the quirky charm of its predecessor, leaving viewers with a sense of disappointment.

 Dream Girl 2 Movie in English Story:

Karamveer finds himself in a predicament when he must fulfill a daunting condition set by his girlfriend Pari's father – accumulate Rs 25 lakhs in six months to prove his worth. Faced with the urgency to marry Pari, Karamveer devises a seemingly easy solution – posing as a girl named Pooja and dancing at a bar. However, the situation takes an unexpected turn when four individuals express a keen interest in marrying Pooja/Karam.

Dream Girl 2 Movie in English Review

The narrative unfolds with comedic twists and turns as Karam navigates the challenges of maintaining his dual identity. Pooja's character attracts unwanted attention, including Shoukiya, who believes Pooja is a psychiatrist treating his heartbroken brother Shahrukh. The film attempts to incorporate elements of mental health but falls short of addressing the topic with sensitivity.

Adding complexity to the plot, Abu Saleem proposes a reward of Rs 50 lakhs for Pooja's marriage to Shahrukh, setting off a chain of events involving various characters. As Karam juggles between his true self and the persona of Pooja, the narrative introduces additional layers, including Jumani, Shoukiya’s sister, who develops feelings for Karam, and Karam's father Jagjit Singh, who harbors affection for Jumani.

While the characters engage in comedic situations, some tracks feel extended, and the forced nature of certain scenes detracts from the overall humor. The film's attempt to explore mental health issues lacks depth, reducing it to a mere plot point. Despite the convoluted relationships and comedic entanglements, Dream Girl 2 struggles to capture the charm of its predecessor and ends up relying on familiar comedic tropes.

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